My first family camping adventure

Author: Caitlin Spencer   Date Posted:2 February 2016 

Caitlans first family camping trip

My First Camping Memories
My first camping memories are being with family and friends at Barraba which is a small town about 6 hours’ drive from Sydney. It was so exciting, me and my little brother Nathan waiting in anticipation to reach the final destination, asking ‘Are we there yet?’ about a hundred times. 
When we arrived, we jumped out of the car to look at our new surroundings; we had never seen anything like this before! There was so much to look at, so much to do, 90 acres of fun! One of the first things I remember doing was going on a tour around the farm where we saw the creek, the hills, the Lookout and the bottom paddock. 
My brother and I “helped” Dad setup the tent although actually we were too small to be of any real assistance. Now when we go camping we are the first to start hammering in the tent pegs – sometimes dad needs help when the ground is really hard. Using a hammer to hammer in the tent pegs was always the most fun job.

My First Family Camping Trip

Figure 1 Me at the Rain Gauge

We wandered around while the tent was going up and I accidentally stepped in cow poo! Not the hard “cow patties” as we called them – this one was wet and soft, “cow cake”. I was wearing sneakers and and wished for ankle high boots. I thought it was disgusting – but now I’ve learnt to deal with it. Good boots keep out the burrs and any wildlife that might be in the long grass. These days when we camp we always wear good boots.

My Family Camping Trip
After the tent and the tarp were setup we sat in our camp chairs for a breather. The esky had been loaded with ice and we had earned ourselves a cool drink, the dads drank beer, while we discussed the activities we wanted to do the next day.
The thing we always did was hike up to the Lookout. My brother and I raced each other up the hills. Another clear memory is getting stung by stinging nettles all up my legs - that was not a good day. 
Another thing I thought was cool was sitting around the fire at night. It was so hot in the day and cold at night. As the sun went down and the temperature dropped we would light the fire to keep us warm. 
It barely rains at Barraba, but when it does it pours, so after a storm we would go up to the top of the hill and check the rain gauge.
Those were my earliest camping memories. To this day, we still go up to Barraba with the same people.

My family camping trip
By Caitlin Spencer  

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