Gazebo Wall kits

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Gazebo Wall kits

Buy Gazebos online from Kellys Camping. We have a huge range of Gazebos from top brands like Outdoor Connection and Zempire Camping.

Gazebos come in many different materials and sizes when comparing brands. The frames are made from aluminium or steel and are all able to be repaired to some extent. The roof of the gazebos will come in a different thickness nylon or polyester and some are more waterproof than others depending what you want to achieve with the gazebo.

They will all collapse down into a carry case but you will find the package size will coincide with the size you want, the available sizes on the gazebos are 2.4 metre Square, 3 metre square and 4.5 metre x 3 metre and larger.

We also sell side walls as an extra and can be mesh gazebo walls or solid gazebo walls.

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