Gas & Dual Fuel Lights

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Gas & Dual Fuel Lights

Buy Camping lights and lanterns online at Kellys Camping. We have a huge selection of Gas and Battery Lights from top brands like Coleman and OZtrail.

Lights for camping can run from different power sources like 12Volt, solar power, battery operated lights, LPG gas, dual fuel pressurised camp lanterns and rechargeable camping lights.

We sell a range of different lights for the tent, camp kitchen and trips in the evening to the bathroom with the kids. Headlamps, table lights, gazebo lights and Doble solar powered adjustable tarp pole lights.

Camping lights are graded by the LED Lumen output which an average LED lumen output is approximatly 100 Lumen and can go up to 500 Lumen. The LED buls these days will not need replacing and last for hundreds of hours.